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Minnesota monument to Hermann an inspiration

Often governments desire to crush freedom under the guise of civilization. To satisfy her appetite for new territory. ancient Rome made declarations of war upon tribal regions of "barbarian" Europe, but in 9 A.D. an historic battle occurred in Germany that sent cascades of fear throughout the Roman Empire. The battle was a magnificent triumph for liberty when multi-cultural Roman legions were defeated in Teutoburg Forest by Germanic tribes.

It is said Caesar wept about hearing the great loss of his men who were annihilated in a three- day battle with thousands of "barbarians" led by the vigilant Hermann (Arminius). The miraculous victory at Teutoburg Forest allowed most northern European tribes to enjoy liberty from the oppressive multi-cultural Roman Empire.

However, people of Britain and Wales suffered brutal enslavement under Rome's corrupt rule after the Celtic Queen Boadicea was defeated in battle, in 61 A.D. To commemorate the victory against foreign invaders at Teutoburg Forest, an immense monument -- the Hermannsdenkmal, was erected to honor Hermann in 1875 in Germany.

In the U.S. a smaller replica of the Hermannsdenkmal was erected in Minnesota in 1991. For those who love freedom from oppression, it would be an inspiration if elected officials and CEOs magnified America's spirit of liberty by honoring this bi-millennial victory in freedom and liberty with speeches, celebrations, ceremonies, and re-enactment documentaries throughout America. Let us respect and praise the sharp vigilance and altruistic sacrifices of patriots who cut off the corrupt and invasive grasp of tyranny.

Parker L. Little

Beaverdam, Va.