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Mind your own business and give smokers a break

This is in response to Kelsey Johnson about taxing tobacco products. I think the people who use tobacco products have already paid their fair share and more of the costs that are associated with using these products.

The liberal do-gooders have kicked smokers out of just about every place except their own homes and I'm sure they would do that too, if it were possible. I am a non-smoker and I believe in letting people make their own choices without coercion from anyone else when it comes to using tobacco products.

Tobacco products aren't hurting anyone except the user and, as I said before, they have paid for that privilege many times over. So why don't you all just mind your own business and give smokers a break. The governor is going after soda pop and alcohol next to pay for things that they can't afford any other way. Why not put additional taxes on something that everyone uses instead of just picking on certain individuals to pay for their wish lists.

This is still the Land of the Free regardless of what some people are trying to usher in, in forms other than a democratic one.

George Hill