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Meehlhause exuberant about Bemidji

Residents of Ward 1 are fortunate to have the opportunity to elect Michael Meehlhause to represent them on the Bemidji City Council. Michael’s civic engagement and sense of obligation to the public is tremendous, and his selfless desire to serve is refreshing in our modern age of politics.

One can see his inclination to serve and promote Bemidji manifest in many ways: his YouTube tribute to Bemidji, his work with area youth, his involvement with organizations that promote healthy communities and living, and his simple willingness to knock on someone’s door, introduce himself, and engage in conversation about our community. 

Michael’s approach to the kind of work being a city councilman requires is exactly as it should be: he works to understand an issue, hears thoughts and concerns of those who will be impacted by the decision, and then makes a decision that reflects the needs of the greater good. He brings this approach to the table, and he also brings the knowledge of a civics and government education he received from Bemidji State University.

These are two very valuable traits in a city councilman. But an approach and an education are not enough; one must also be personable and good at communicating, and these are the areas where I can truly speak to Michael’s abilities. Working in a public school, while itself a form of public service, demands strong communication skills with both adults and youth, an ability to problem solve with a group in mind, and a strong work ethic. Having worked with Michael in a public school, I’ve witnessed this exact skill set in him, and I have no doubt that skill set will carry over to his work on the City Council.

Michael Meehlhause is all about Bemidji. He wears plaid and he wears green. He works with the kids and the adults of our community. He is youthfully exuberant about this town, but he is also fully and realistically informed about the issues challenging our community. He has the skills and the attitude that will make him an excellent member of the City Council, and I hope residents of Ward 1 will take a moment to chat with him about his ideas and to share their own thoughts when he knocks on their door as he campaigns for the Ward 1 seat.

Dan McKeon