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Marriage blends two properties into one

After 56-plus years of marriage, I have thought often about what makes marriages endure. My conclusion goes something like this: Marriage is a blending of two properties into one. The product is more than the sum of its parts. There is a marriage of flavors in foods, a marriage of ideas and theories, a marriage of colors and art forms.

When two people wed, a new entity called a marriage is created outside of themselves. They are responsible to see that it is nourished and supported as it continues to grow.

We heterosexuals have not always done too well at preventing the corruption and degradation of marriage. Witness our children, who are reluctant to marry because they have seen too many marriages fail due to infidelity, self-gratification, inability to compromise, lack of understanding, or even the desire to understand.

Seems to me what we need is a good dose of appreciation for that which we have so blithely trashed – from people who have been denied the gift of marriage, and are ready to show us what a true marriage is and can be – a commitment to one another, a commitment to unity and love, a desire, often, to raise children in a setting of two loving parents dedicated to their well-being. Many homosexual couples have shown us just that. They have been, and are, a blessing to those who know and love them. Rather than tear down the definition of marriage, they build it up and show the rest of us what love and commitment really are.

It’s hard to believe God himself wouldn’t approve of such an arrangement.

Janet Enquist