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Authorities identify man who died in fiery crash on Interstate 29 south of Grand Forks

Make sure you tell the whole story

“Fire. Fire.”

That’s what Mr. Matt Wurm seems to be yelling in his letter to the editor (Oct. 23). What he forgot to add is he is Rev. Matt Wurm, and that all the things he mentions, like people marrying their children or group marriage or people marrying animals couldn’t happen anyway. He neglects to mention there are already in most states laws against such things.

So he’s either not informed or just trying to enflame people’s emotions, thinking if they allow gays to marry then you could marry a brick or your cat.

Now I’m not for gay marriage, but I am for the truth. Something Rev. Wurm seems to leave out. This is not only a religious issue, but let’s be real, it also does have some civil rights issues. Lest we forget, people said the same things when they wanted to change laws that denied marriage rights to inter-racial couples.

You ought to mention when someone writes from a pastor’s point of view.

Robert Hines