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Mack has more than earned her benefits

I’ve read two letters in the Pioneer regarding Kay Mack’s contract as county administrator and both of those letters are sour grapes. I was a township clerk for a few years and occasionally worked with Kay and the office she managed. They were great to work with. They were fast, accurate, responsive and professional, and they made my job easier every time I worked with them.

Kay is a gem and the quality and quantity of work she provided for the county was outstanding. I’m sure that will continue in her new position as well. I refuse to begrudge Kay the equivalent of two days of paid vacation for each of the 25 years she worked as the county auditor/treasurer. I am absolutely confident that she donated at least that much time to the residents of Beltrami County each year she worked based upon my experience working in government.

Jim Lucachick should know that too, but he’s chosen to make his one issue penny-pinching. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.