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Limited government and individual liberty defended

As one of the primary organizers of the Bemidji Tea Party on April 15, I want to say thank you very much to everyone involved in making our event a huge success. On Tax Day, nearly 350 of us here in Bemidji stood shoulder to shoulder with the hundreds of thousands of Americans at tea parties all across this country to say "Enough is enough! We demand freedom in America!"

I am at a loss for an adequate adjective to describe the ridiculous reaction of some in the pro-socialist media. Perhaps you have seen the CNN interview of a tea party attendee in Chicago pointing out that as Americans we have a basic right to liberty. The reporter scornfully countered, "Don't you know that you are eligible for a $400 tax credit?"

Such responses would be comical if they weren't so disturbing. The big government elite believe that we can be bribed with a tax credit here and new federal program there into giving up our basic liberties in favor of a national socialistic state.

Although the local event here in Bemidji was indeed organized by the local Republican committee, these tea parties are about principle, not partisan politics, and many from various political backgrounds have participated. Without question, the Bush administration and many Republicans in Congress bear grave responsibility for too often caving in to liberal and socialistic policies which have pushed us down this road toward bigger and bigger government. We will not defend or cover up such actions. But at the same time, we will be looking to the Republican Party to again carry the banner of limited government and individual liberty and for new freedom-loving leaders to emerge from its ranks.

For those in the media still puzzling over why the common man in America can't be satisfied with his little stimulus tax credit, I have five words - "You ain't seen nothing yet!" If you think we as Americans came out to stand up for liberty on April 15, just wait for July 4. Here in Bemidji and all across our country we will again be standing up for liberty over socialism and freedom over big government. No, we won't be silenced and we won't back down! Please watch for further announcements regarding our next tea party in Bemidji on July 4.

Kenneth N. CobbChairman

Beltrami County Republicans