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Letter: What would you do with $90 million extra dollars?

“Gee Whiz!” and “Darn!” I just don’t understand why Minnesota State Rep. Roger Erickson, a DFLer from Baudette, voted to spend $90 million for a new Senate Building in St. Paul while at the same time he knows we have such pressing needs in District 2A, his home district, that goes from Akeley to Baudette with other towns such as Clearwater, Bagley, Blackduck and many townships.

I mean, after all, if you were our representative and had $90 million in extra tax dollars, wouldn’t you rather see the money used here? Parents and educators could surely use the money for building additions, for upgraded technology and such. And who wouldn’t like to see that $90 million going to road construction and the like. Quite frankly, I have never seen a pothole I liked. Oh, and let’s not forget the unthinkable — reduce our taxes, Rep. Erickson. What an odd idea these days.

Just trying to put my head around the idea of a building costing $90 million is tough to do. I think that the Sanford Center building in Bemidji cost about $50 million, more or less which does give me some perspective, but at least it is a multi-purpose center and can easily seat over 4,500 fans for hockey.

The new senate Taj Mahal will be occupied by 69 senators and their staffs. I guess they must have large staffs.

Nevertheless, Rep. Erickson voted with his St. Paul buddies once again. I guess I am going to have to look into the political contributions he gets from the Twin Cities. He says he is one of us. But I am beginning to wonder who is “us.”

Fulton Gallagher