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Letter: We’re spending too much on global warming

The Obama administration will spend $21.4 billion (borrowed from the Chinese and others) to fight the fictitious problem of global warming this year, almost twice as much money as Congress has allocated for border security.

America is now experiencing the coldest temperatures it has had in decades. Let’s not forget that a boatload of climate scientists are being rescued after their icebeaker got stuck in the summer ice field in Antarctica.

It should be abundantly clear to you by now that global warming is a cult based on false science.

When we are about $50 trillion in debt as a nation and see the cutting of retirement benefits for retired military veterans, it should go without saying that you should not be spending billions of dollars to enrich the United Nations and global warming supporters.

Congress should cut all funding that is allocated to the false premise of global warming. For budget trimming this is the perfect place to start. I suggest you contact your congressman.

Chuck Fuller

Park Rapids