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Letter: We seem to desire a celebrity, not a savior

As the world continues to reject, demonize and push Christianity out of mainstream acceptance, as it has throughout its history, will Christianity eventually fail? Can it fail?

It began with only 12 men and one risen Lord. Like today, the environment was openly hostile to the faith. Yet 300 years ago with no cell phones, television or Internet, it became the faith of the entire world. There is not a single area of life or culture that has not been affected by Jesus. His gospel continues to change lives. His gospel continues to bring hope. Following Jesus brings about the fulfillment of whole lives and whole families.

Tragically, too many Christian churches today are not loudly preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is harmful to Christianity and thus our society. For when we hear the true gospel we are stirred into either being changed by the Holy Spirit or we reject it. It is not you or I -- nor any church -- that persuades people to become Christians. It is the gospel itself that does it. It is as simple as that.

Churches in America keep trying to remake Jesus. We seem to desire a celebrity more than a savior. We want him to resemble us and fit conveniently into our lifestyles. Christianity in America looks more like the American dream than the true and living gospel of Jesus Christ. In practice there is little difference between the believer and the unbeliever in America today.

So, are we undergoing Christianity’s failures because the gospel is untrue or because Jesus is somehow less Lord and king? Or are we seeing failure, apathy and despair because we are not following Jesus? The only thing that will truly change the hearts and minds of our society is the gospel and the enlightening of the Holy Spirit within us. We as believers need to earnestly and humbly pray every day. Pray for God to intervene and renew His presence, His power, His mercy, and His unfailing love within each one of us.

Thankfully, Jesus is not going away. Our numbers may decrease and the organized church may fail but Christ most assuredly will not. Christianity is the source of life itself and when all else is gone, Christianity will be the last thing standing … in eternity … in the presence of Christ himself.

Jim Espeseth