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Letter: We need a full employment act

The article in the Oct. 25 Bemidji Pioneer headlined “Minimum wage discussion draws full house at City Hall” left out a very important aspect of what a living minimum wage should be based on.

Fact: Working people without jobs are going to be poor.

Fact: Working people paid poverty wages are going to be poor.

Seems to me a real living minimum wage tied to real cost of living factors is a basic and minimal requirement toward ending poverty with government assuming full responsibility for attaining and maintaining full employment which is so basic to ending poverty that it would seem that any politician talking about “jobs, jobs, jobs” when campaigning for election would be the very first, upon being elected, to introduce legislation requiring that the president and members of Congress mandate the responsibility for full employment to themselves lest they be viewed as hypocrites.

Instead of voting to fund militarism and wars which kill jobs the same way they kill people, we need to elect people to public office who will enact a “21st Century Full Employment Act for Peace and Prosperity.”

Alan L. Maki