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Letter: Trust our local governments? Dream on

What a great little newspaper we have in Bemidji to tackle a subject that is on everyone’s mind: The battles between the city and the townships (The cost of conflict, March 9).

Zach Kayser’s little dream world in which we should trust our governments to do the “right and proper thing” is a cozy little wish. And I want to inject right now that I totally respect and treasure the dedicated, unselfish man who is involved in politics. However, to quote Ben Franklin, “How convenient it is for man to be a rational (reasoning) creature, for it enables him to justify anything he has a mind to do.”

A man on a township road has sewer trouble. Why not get city sewer; it will benefit everyone. Another hates the dust. Tar the damn road. Another wants to save Lake Bemidji. Let the residents along the lake pay for it even though the whole county and state use it. And no one wants the awful job on the township board, so getting elected to it easily accomplished. (So who’s guilty? The enemy is us lazy citizens.

As to Zach’s argument about the costs — the insurance costs are there whether there is conflict or not. Hey, we’re getting something for our money. Compound this with the fact that the local governments are similar to two neighbors who hate each other over a disputed foot of property line between them coming to a compromise and you have a good idea of the picture.

The bottom line: We should be ashamed of ourselves.

Carl Seemann