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Letter: Time to celebrate son’s life, learn something from tragedy

We realize not every newspaper is going to get everything right all of the time. The release of the officer’s name so early was hard on us, the parents of Mike Deppa. We were there the night of the incident and heard, and probably will always hear the final shot, and to have a name attached so quickly really ripped us to the core.

That being said, we understand the importance of a free press in any civilized society and will take the good with the bad. We also ask that those people who are harassing the officer and his family or the people at the Pioneer that they please stop. Mike was not about hatred or revenge, he was a loving and gentle soul and we will miss him forever.

Our only hope is that in this tragedy, all entities involved learn something that might help prevent another family from having to endure this horrific pain. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the officer and his family and we wish them no ill will. And although we might not agree with everything the Pioneer did, we are glad they are in our corner as a community. We are thankful for the thoughts and prayers of everyone, and invite everyone to our son’s funeral on Saturday, July 13. We want to celebrate his life, and again hope that we all learn something from this tragedy and that our son’s death was not in vain, but might actually prevent this from happening again.