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Letter: Think about children’s safety when planning schools

When reading the article (Jan. 10) about best choice of location for a new school and the criteria used, I was struck by the thought, “How do we protect our best asset of the future?”

Mr. Jim Hess has made some great points as to the location and its subsequent recreational capabilities, but what about safety? I think that if kids are our greatest asset for the future, and their safety must be considered when building a new school.

I love to drive around Bemidji and see if I can notice all the changes that have taken place since I was in high school back in the year 2000. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the high school and Horace May schools are very well protected in case of emergency. If anything negative were to happen to those schools emergency personnel would be able to expedite all protocol very fast and with great ease. Needless to say I am impressed with District 31’s preparedness.

During the recent historic cold snap of early 2014 I prayed that all kids were safe and warm because it was cold enough to cause frostbite in a matter of minutes. With the recent news of a Duluth girl’s injuries incurred from passing out in frigid weather, I had to double down on my prayers to the maker of the universe, that all children be safe during nature’s cold spell.

When considering a school’s location I think that safety must also be factored into the formula of its creation. The children will one day become our future leaders and industrial workers. Let’s care for their well being by showing them they are truly our greatest economic and social asset.

Andrew M. Grage