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Letter: Support states' rights under 10th Amendment

Minnesota is now one of more than 20 states that have either enacted or are in various stages of processing legislation to regain state sovereignty as provided by the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of these United States.

I was honored to be one of four patriots who lobbied the State Office Building on Feb. 11 in search of an author to write legislation to regain our sovereignty under the 10th Amendment. As a result of this effort, legislation was introduced to the Minnesota House on House File 997, which, on March 9 was cloned to House File 1437.

We often hear about the state budget deficit but we are not told that a great share of this budget deficit is a result of unauthorized, unfunded federal mandates. By enacting the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, the state can claim exemption from any federal mandate that is not authorized by the Constitution.

As a proud, disabled Vietnam veteran, I thoroughly understand what it means to take action to defend the Constitution of the greatest country in the world. I would like to ask that you join me and take action by first visiting the Minnesota sovereignty Web site and then click on Charles Duke and read "Implementing the 10th Amendment." It will amaze you! Then please send e-mails to all the state representatives who do not have House author on their e-mail address and ask them to author this legislation. In liberty!

Leon Moe

Cottage Grove, Minn.