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Letter: Store’s employees praised for honesty, integrity

I am writing to thank and commend the management and employees of Lueken’s Village Foods. 

On the evening of July 27, I purchased some groceries at Lueken’s and paid for the items with cash.

Later that evening I discovered that the envelope containing approximately $80 of cash was missing from my purse.

After searching through my belongings and being unable to find the envelope, I concluded that I had either lost it or left it in the store.

Since the store had already closed for the day, I decided to return early Monday morning to inquire about the envelope even though I knew that the chances of finding it were very slim.

The next morning, after explaining to an employee in Customer Service what I had lost, she began looking through a container of items that had been found in the store.

There was no envelope of cash.

Then she checked a list of information which was attached to a clipboard.

Her face brightened and she said that the envelope had been found and placed in the store’s safe.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the honesty and integrity displayed by the employees and management of Lueken’s and I want to publicly thank them.

My husband and I do not live in the Bemidji area, but if we did we would definitely shop at Lueken’s.

Diane Persson

Trimont, Minn