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Letter: South shore needs swimming beach, park

The community of Bemidji and the citizens of the area deserve a south shore Nymore swimming beach/park that will be a center for summer fun. There are good examples of how this beach front can be developed so that people of all ages can enjoy. Detroit Lakes has some of the elements. What are some of the highlights of great beaches? They include:

•A good sand beach that is long and inviting

•Sand volleyball courts set back from the water

•Picnic tables with sun canopies/umbrellas

•An inviting restroom/changing room facility

•Sufficient parking

•Some shade trees

•Bicycle trail access

•Bicycle racks

•Life guard on duty during the high use summer months

•Park benches

It is important that the hardworking people of this area and the youth are not left out in the design and development of this south shore. The multimillion dollar motels and convention center may attract others from outside the area but those who live here year ’round, especially the youth, deserve a public swimming beach that is nearby, easily accessible by foot or bicycle and is a safe place to use.

Beach development in Nymore has been one of public exclusion (Irvingboro) so this project is important for the city to show its commitment to all and not just to those who have the financial means.

Dan Rogers