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Letter slamming socialism was part of mass mailing

On Tuesday, (April 26) you published a letter signed by a James Roehrborn of Alexandria. It was a hodgepodge of confused fallacies and muddled clichés, but it got me thinking. At first, I thought about how deeply paranoid and devoid of fact it was - it bloviates about "evil Marxist Socialism" but fails to mention a single, specific issue or policy. Mr. Roehrborn claims to know that "Americans realized" a "last best hope" by electing conservatives thereby saving what he paradoxically calls "the future of their children now and for many generations to come." Clearly Mr. Roehrborn has some strongly felt, political differences with many of his fellow citizens. However, your printing of these vapid ramblings is disturbing but not simply because they are vague and uninformed.

This brings me to the other thing that got me thinking: how many readers does the Pioneer have in Alexandria? I'm guessing very few. Given that nothing in the letter was connected to Bemidji, I began to suspect that it might have been a mass mailing. A quick Google search showed that, sure enough, at least four other newspapers in the country (including Troy, NY) have published letters with precisely the same words. Sorry, Pioneer, you've been spammed.

I don't know what your editorial policies are, but if you're going to publish a pile of insipid tripe, at least make sure it's insipid tripe from our own community.

Carl Sewall