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Letter: Reagan’s take on ‘enemies’ was over the top

For the record, I enjoy reading many of the writers who provide political commentary for the Bemidji Pioneer — liberal and conservative. Even the ones I disagree with strongly … they make me think. Many of the best come from the middle and conservative part of the spectrum.

After having read Michael Reagan’s column over the years, he had become a bit of a joke for me. His writing rarely contained anything new, but he almost always found a way to do two things — bash President Obama and pump up his father’s legacy. It’s gotten old.

As far as I am concerned, he went over the top in his May 17 column. He wrote: “The bottom line is we’re all conservatives (Republicans). We’re not the enemy. The liberals are.”

I can understand his dislike and disagreement with Democrats or liberals. But he now considers that side of the political spectrum to be the “enemy.” Really? Is this what the Constitution and the Founding Father set forth? No longer the loyal opposition or perhaps the perspective that you are too lazy to understand … instead they become the enemy. Aren’t there enough real enemies out there that we need to be dealing with?

I struggle to find the words to describe how I feel about Mr. Reagan’s approach, but “fundamentally unpatriotic” is a start. I will no longer read his drivel. I would request that the Pioneer find a different conservative writer who cares more about statesmanship and solutions and less about political trash talk to take his place. There are many to choose from.

Don Carlson