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Letter: Ranked-choice voting should be No. 1 option

This is in regard to the Pioneer’s interest in local reactions to the St. Cloud Times editorial concerning “primaries vs. caucuses.” Why not add to this discussion “ranked-choice,” also known as “preferential voting?” From what I know at this time, my first choice would be “ranked-choice,” then primaries, and last caucuses.

Although I do attend caucuses, I find there are for the most part very few participants attending and it sure does not, in my opinion, give a fair representation. Participating in a primary election, gives me, the voter, the choice of the person I want to represent me, not someone decided on at a state convention. Now, the “ranked-choice” option essentially folds the primary and November election into one election; thus saving tax monies and giving each of us the option to make a second choice if our first choice is not selected. How can “ranked-choice” not be the fairest option?

My hat off to Gov. Dayton for bucking the system and running regardless of party designation. Also hats off to Marty Siefert for announcing he will run with or without party endorsement.

Jerry Maertens