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Letter: Puck-head establishment pushed event mausoleum

In response to Kent Nerburn's letter to the editor, indeed you are not alone! Your description of the "Big Mausoleum" project as now "criminal" is right on point. Unfortunately, this past autumn's city election was something of an indirect referendum on the project, and by about 800 votes the citizens gave approval to it all. As it has often been said and written, "Vox populi, vox dei, the voice of the people is the voice of God! This is a very nice populist idea.

Given all of the complex economic conditions and problems which confront us all, it is a sad image of the puck-head establishment forcing the property tax-payers of Bemidji into a debt dead end ... All of the chatter about the creation of jobs through the event center is just smoke and mirrors.

Indeed the event center is a mausoleum, and let us all remember just what that word means -- it is a tomb for a dead monarch!

Shame on the Bemidji city officials who support this project! Shame on the hockey establishment which continues to foist off the entire project as having a positive total result! Finally, shame on the misled voters who elected officials who blindly push forward in this destructive project! Perhaps many political philosophers were right when they declared that citizens get the officials which they deserve!

Gerald Michael Schnabel