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Letter: Protester disrupted Usama Dakdok’s presentation

I was one of the “angry mob” members who attended the presentation by Mr. Usama Dakdok at the Bagley High School auditorium on June 22.

When my friends and I arrived, two young men, accompanied by a woman in traditional Islamic clothing, were very actively protesting outside the building, but being largely ignored.

When Mr. Dakdok began his presentation, the female protester entered carrying her poster and talking. Mr. Dakdok said, “Sister, please put down your poster and sit down.” She refused and continued talking and holding her sign. Several additional requests were made by Mr. Dakdok. Two audience members approached her; keeping their distance,and also asking her to leave; she did not comply. Mr. Dakdok requested that someone call 911. Shortly, a gentleman arrived whom she followed out of the auditorium, then returning, with the gentleman stating she would sit and listen to the presentation. Apparently, her escort was the Bagley chief of police. The entire incident was caused by the female protester who claims to be the victim.

Mr. Dakdok’s presentation was emotional and, to some people, highly controversial; however, much of it was footnoted and supported by historical facts concluding with a question session. The women protester asked the first question, and was not happy with Mr. Dakdok’s answers, raising her voice as she finished. Several other audience members asked questions with the last one resulting in an emotional discussion which continued as we took our leave. No threats were made, and most people had already left the auditorium.

I am suggesting to the Pioneer political editorial staff that they remember CAIR is subsidiary of the Muslim Brotherhood well known for former Egyptian President Morsi, who betrayed a revolution, and repeatedly stated that Jews are dogs and pigs. The allegations of their members may not be the best for realistic information. If you choose not to send a reporter to a program you have already deemed anti-Muslim, other sources should be sought, even if they may not be in line with your newspaper’s political agenda. Such improved efforts would be called journalism.

Elden Winge