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Letter: Please don’t mow ditches, shorelines

Please don’t mow your ditches. Many beautiful plants grow in the ditches. Right now we see milkweed, ferns, lady’s slippers, and the beautiful orange color of the hoary puccoon.

The monarch caterpillar needs the milkweed to live. If you want to see monarch butterflies, you have to stop mowing down the milkweed. There are also many animals that live in the ditch. Several birds make their nests in the ditch. We understand that there are some reasons why ditches are mowed a little bit (like visibility).

We also wish more people would leave their shoreline natural. Mowing all the way down to the water’s edge is unnecessary. Trees, bushes, and native plants keep the soil in place and provide shade for spawning fish. The plants in the water provide homes for baby fish.

We don’t think that ditches or lakeshores need to look like a golf course. We like the natural look and appreciate what it does for everything else.

Reed Johnson (6 years old)

With a little help from my mom, Erika Bailey-Johnson