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Letter: Photo ID to vote is only a common-sense idea

One of the most important responsibilities that a U.S. citizen has is the right to vote. The protection of our election process from all-illegal tempering is well overdue. Once the trust of the American people is lost, "A government by the people for the people" thus the "pursuit of happiness" is lost as well. There have been many occurrences that prove our voting system is corrupt, either through a systematic approach that Acorn has adopted or by illegal aliens posing as American citizens who failed to exercise their right to vote and doing this repetitively.

The Democratic leadership has once again governed against the people by killing the photo ID bill (HF 57). This common-sense measure would have ensured the presentation of a government-issued photographic identification when voting.

It included a provision to provide a free identification card to any eligible voter who does not currently have a photo ID.

It would have resulted in bringing greater integrity and public confidence in our election system. The public hears repeatedly from Democrat leadership, also today's media, substantiating any action taken "that it is the will of the people." The photo ID bill is supported by 80 percent of the people, so what happened here?

Pat Shannon

Lino Lakes, Minn.