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Letter: Oberstar lauded for support of pro-life movement

Last week Minnesota honored a man who had been a strong voice for those without one for four decades in Congress. Congressman Jim Oberstar served the Eighth Congressional District (the northeast corner of Minnesota) from January of 1975 to January of 2011. Oberstar, a Democrat, worked for years with Congressman Henry Hyde of Illinois, a Republican, to pass legislation defending the life of the child in the womb.

Because I did not see any acknowledgement of his leadership in the pro-life movement mentioned in press coverage, I wanted to mention it here.

Congressman Oberstar was “consistently pro-life” in that he opposed the killing of the child in the womb and supported caring for the child once she was born.

He was a champion of quality education and a strong supporter of the Head Start program. He worked hard to protect the environment and promoted alternative energy programs.

It is rare to find a politician with a consistent position on life, womb to tomb. Jim Oberstar was one of the few.

Fr. Don Braukmann

Pastor, St. Philip’s Catholic Church