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Letter: Oak Hills grateful for work of firefighters

When I saw the year in review photos by Monte Draper in the Dec. 29 Sunday Spotlight page of the Bemidji Pioneer I was reminded of the outstanding service provided by the Bemidji firefighters at our Camp Oak Hills kitchen fire on Sept. 25.

Since January is national “thank you” month, it seemed fitting to acknowledge the extraordinary quality of our local fire department. In every way they surpassed expectations from the initial rapid response to wrapping it up after the fire was extinguished. We were amazed at how quickly they were able to get the intense blaze under control and save the rest of the building.

The firefighters were thorough, professional, and personal, and their attack on the fire was well executed. To the volunteer women and men of the Bemidji fire department, thank you, thank you, thank you for your sacrifice and service. You are appreciated and we at Oak Hills are deeply grateful.

Steven J. Hostetter

President, Oak Hills Christian College