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Letter: Nymore park needs to be priority for city

Thank you Linda Lemmer for speaking up about the needs of the Nymore community. As a 25-year resident of this wonderful neighborhood, I too have concerns that our needs appear to be very low on the City Council priority list with regard to the Nymore Beach and the Nymore Park softball/baseball field.

Nymore Beach will be gone in one year even though we were promised a replacement beach when city leadership was wanting our vote to approve the Sanford Center project. At that time, I do not remember any discussions about the need for additional funding. In the past four years since the Nymore Beach area was sold, this is the first time I am hearing "what should we do?" Where was this discussion earlier when planning needed to be done, when grants needed to be written so that the beach could be replaced by summer 2015?

And then there is the Nymore "softball/baseball" field. It has never been on the City Council’s priority list. I don’t remember any improvements of that field in the 25 years I have lived in this neighborhood. I have been told by city leadership "it isn’t used by residents." Well of course it is not used. Have you seen it? It used to be used for softball or baseball practice and intramural games. But with no improvements being made, it is now nothing more than an open, weedy area. When will this field get on the City Council priority list?

Cheryl Byers