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Letter: Never mind producers, just ban cigarette sales

"Only in America," as they say, could this cruel, self-centered absurdity be allowed to exist. I am speaking of cigarettes. We make rules not to smoke in public areas, apartments (one's private home) and now a law to not smoke in a car with minors.

Cigarettes have no medical or any other beneficial effects. Their sole purpose is toward addiction and to sell more. They cause many, many deadly and serious health consequences including raising the health care costs. So why do we continue their manufacture and keep cigarettes legal? Are we so preoccupied with only money and we fear Canada will latch onto our "cash crop"? I do not care if cigarettes are 20 percent or more of our economy. Get rid of them!

They quit producing Quaaludes worldwide due to their negative effects and cigarettes cause much more damage than "ludes" ever did. We have people dying who beg for some relief from their agony and pain. Sometimes they find it only in marijuana. But, no, we could never consider legalizing marijuana; it may get into the wrong hands. Hey! Wake up people; it is already in the wrong hands. Anything someone wants they can get whether it is legal or not

Who are these naïve fools making those laws? When you have kids in middle school, especially girls, you find out just how many parents do smoke marijuana. Just replace marijuana with cigarettes as our cash crop-Duh! It is also far less damaging than alcohol. Speak up you hypocrites and stop pretending that you are so innocent.

Sandy Bean