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Letter: Medical marijuana might be the answer for some

I’m living with a woman (my wife of 35 years) who suffers from intractable pain due to a broken pelvis. We have tried everything, even non-traditional medicine, to relieve some of her pain. We thought medical marijuana would be worth a try. So we wonder what the problem is in approving it here in Minnesota.

We read that medical marijuana is not like smoking pot, but more like taking a prescription medication. Our governor states that we can already get marijuana but not legally. This would mean “smoking pot.” Gov. Dayton says we can go in any city in Minnesota and buy pot. What a brilliant comment from our state’s chief executive. We have no interest in smoking pot but we know medical marijuana violates the law.

Oh, and don’t forget the public safety people. These narrow-minded folks foresee a tremendous crime wave in our state. Wake up, law enforcement. Citizens of our state are suffering while you dawdle and obstruct a valid concern.

I would ask the governor to distance himself from the police in this matter and actually govern our state. People are suffering and want action.

John Helgason