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Letter: League should swap softball, volleyball seasons

As a fan of both girls high school softball and volleyball, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley Coach Rich Majcin and I are in the process of notifying the Minnesota State High School League of our suggestion to switch these two seasons.

The reasons are obvious to those who have attended these games. Practicing volleyball in a gym in August with the temps in the 90s is exhausting, and practicing softball in March in a gym because of the snow, frozen ground and cold temps is not practical. That is one reason for the proposed change.

It makes much more sense to play softball in the fall sports season — warmer temps and warmer ground conditions which allow a field to dry faster. By the end of the September, the average temp is 55 and the sunset is at 7 p.m. This is ample time for a softball season. Volleyball in the gym during spring makes much more sense because the gym is comfortably heated. This year alone, the softball team has not been able to practice outdoors until April 11. With games scheduled from late March through the first week in May, many games have to be rescheduled and played as five-inning doubleheaders in order to finish by the state tournament schedule. This is tiring for the girls who have to suddenly play games almost every day of the week to complete these games.

Last year, they did not have their first game until April 29 and had to play all of their games in two weeks because of the state tournament schedule, which has to completed before the end of school year.

Umpires Rich talked to at the state umpire meeting greatly approved of this recommendation. If you approve of this recommendation, please notify the Minnesota State High School League at about your concern and pass this information on to anyone you think might be interested.

Chick Knight