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Letter: Law protects foster children from secondhand smoke

Beginning this month, all Minnesota children in foster care will be protected from secondhand smoke at home. I was happy and relieved to see that in this last session our state legislators agreed to require foster homes in Minnesota to be smoke-free. It just makes sense that all Minnesota children, including those in foster care, be protected from secondhand smoke in the same way that you and I are protected at our jobs and when we go out to eat.

Beltrami County continued to be a leader in the state for clean air policy when we acted to protect children in foster care from the thousands of toxins expelled in secondhand smoke long before the state did. Beltrami County licensed foster homes have been smoke-free since last October. Kudos to Beltrami County Health and Human Services, and kudos to state lawmakers for following us to protect kids.

Marti Lundin

American Lung Association in Minnesota