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Letter: Just stop and count your blessings

Whenever you feel down and depressed, just stop and count your blessings. Just a short time ago, I was going through a state of depression.

I asked my doctor for medicine to help me. I was taking a depression pill until one day a good friend reminded me of how rich I was.

I have very little money, drive an older car, I live in an older mobile home, but he said, “You have a large family (seven kids, 19 grandkids and 19 great-grandkids) and more friends all over the country.”

I thanked God for all my blessings. So now when I feel down I just think of the song lyrics, “Count your blessings, name them one by one.” How precious that song has become. I sing it every time I feel down and no more depression pills.

The person who asked “where was God when the terror happened” at Boston needs to get their Bible out and start reading. We have a God who loves each one of us.

I never thought I would ever write a letter to the editor, but I felt if this letter could help even one person, I had to write it.

So count your blessings and maybe you can get the peace I have.