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Letter: Interstate corridor better choice for pipeline route

I vote “no,” I don’t want any pipeline running along the border of Itasca State Park, nor anywhere near the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

I vote “yes” that the pipeline run through Canada to Niagara Falls — if they are planning to ship the oil to foreign ports. Or if a pipeline must run through Minnesota somewhere, I suggest the Interstate 29 and Interstate 94 corridor.

This corridor has several advantages; it is already public domain land, a 30-inch pipe will fit easily between the split highways, any leak will be quickly seen, easy access for cleanup vehicles to quickly get to any spill, traffic can be easily, temporarily, diverted for ease of cleanup when a spill occurs.

We must speak up and stop any pipeline endangering northern Minnesota wild rice beds, fragile wetlands, shallow aquifers, lake country and the Mississippi Headwaters.

Please add your voice to stop this travesty. Contact Larry Hartman, Environmental Manager for the Minnesota Department of Commerce. The enhanced comment period comes to a close today.

Winnie DauSchmidt