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Letter: Hope House is wonderful Bemidji asset

Most people would agree, I think, that Bemidji has many assets.

One of the more remarkable ones is Hope House. It does what its name implies: gives hope to those who struggle with mental illness. It sponsors programs such as visual arts and writing courses that empower participants with self-confidence and pride in what they can do. It provides a place where “members” can gather for varied assistance and social events. I have seen the awesome positive effects it has had on my daughter’s attitude and confidence.  

Robin Wold, a Bemidji State University graduate in philosophy, is the perfect person to lead the organization. She and her staff have my admiration and gratitude for seeing a need, then patiently and respectfully offering a variety of services to the mentally ill. United Way deserves credit for offering some financial support to Hope House. It is for these reasons, and many more, that I consider Hope House and its staff a remarkable asset for Bemidji.