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Letter: Foolish decision on smoking at the events center

Take note of some irony, fellow citizens. On the back page of the July 9 Pioneer there was a paragraph informing us that the Bemidji City Council granted the Sanford Center an exemption to the city’s tobacco-free policy. Now you can go out the doors, walk 10 feet and light ’em up. Brilliant governing.

Here comes the ironic part: On the following day’s front page of the Pioneer, the Relay for Life is going to be hosted by the Sanford Center. The participants are raising money for the American Cancer Society for cancer research. So if you attend and you still smoke, you now can head outside for a quick one before going back to the relay. I also wonder how our area healthcare monopoly, which paid for their name to be on the event center, feels about this?

No shortage of foolishness when it comes to the multimillion dollar debacle on the lakeshore.

Jeffrey Sawyer