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Letter: Everybody's got their hand out for a bailout

I am in awe watching our government handle the bailouts. They give AIG a boatload of money and then get ballistic when they use a part of 1 percent to compensate employees under a contractual agreement -- bonuses. Since they accepted the government bailout, that contract should be voided, so says the government. What is going to happen to Detroit with their bailout?

Virtually all of it goes to highly compensated employees. Are their labor contacts also in question? My mother used to say what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Car manufacturers are now in a competitive business, work in another high-tax state and pay employee generous wages and benefits. They have a snowball's chance in hell to survive let alone be prosperous.

Any time the government gives someone a bailout: farm subsidies, or welfare, or unemployment, or food stamps, or EBTs, or business tax incentives, or day care, or ... you lose rights and freedoms. They all have strings attached. Nothing is free. People see how the government handles the bailout, the war, the event center, the environment, global warming ... and some want the government to take over health care. Are you nuts?

Keith Pommerening