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Letter: Event center only glorified hockey rink for Beavers

No, Mr. Nerburn, you are not alone in your thoughts regarding the "Big Mausoleum," a.k.a. the event center. Individuals have lost their jobs and homes but sadly all the elected officials have tunnel vision and at the end of the tunnel is the word -- spend. With the projected Minnesota budget shortfall, I would imagine that Bemidji State University will have to make major cuts, but the administration will find a way to keep the hockey program alive -- their sacred cow!

The BSU students played a major role in the outcome of the event center vote. Where are those students now? I would assume they have graduated and left Bemidji for a better future. They left us to bear the burden -- a burden that could bankrupt the city. Mankato had to raise their city tax in order to help defray the maintenance costs of their center. This could happen to Bemidji as well, keep in mind, we have neither the population that Mankato has nor the population to draw from.

The one problem, Mr. Nerburn, is that all the elected officials are not listening to the public, they want this event center come hell or high water.

This is not an event center, it is a glorified hockey rink for BSU.

Bess Kuryla