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Letter to editor on biodiesel was unfounded

I thank Mike Olson for his reply (March 9) to Robert Moffit’s letter. I am also replying to Robert Moffit’s letter as I have not seen a letter as unfounded as Mr. Moffit’s in some time.

It is not water that causes black bacteria to grow in fuel tanks, first of all. Problems with moisture or water in fuel systems have happened on occasions for as long as fuel has been burned in diesel engines. Never has the black bacteria that grows in fuel tanks shown up until biodiesel came on the market.

Water will not grow anything on its own. Also, biofuel does not flow in subzero temperatures. If enough additives are added to get it through a fuel line on a vehicle it will still not flow through a fuel filter.

Mr. Moffit should do a little more research and talk to a few more people in the northern part of Minnesota before he writes any more “unfounded” letters about how the transition from B5 diesel to B10 diesel is going to go so smoothly. B5 diesel hasn’t gone so smoothly if only Mr. Moffit knew it. The diesel exhaust fluid required on new vehicles has only added to the problems as that also does not flow so good in cold temperatures. It is annoying to have people from several hundred miles away insinuate ignorance of people who are actually experiencing problems first hand.

Raymond Weidenborner