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Letter: Dupuy got her facts wrong on Catholics

I am writing in regards to the commentary written by Tina Dupuy on July 2.

In her commentary she tries to make it seem that Hobby Lobby is refusing to pay for all contraceptives when in fact they only want to eliminate those that may lead to an actual abortion.

That being said, I want to mostly address the fact that Tina said, and I quote, “Catholics are the largest Christian denomination in the country and they don’t believe the Bible is the literal word of god.” What’s with the small “g” for God? The thing I’m getting at is that she, even as managing editor of Crooks and Liars, could make such a statement. During the Catholic mass the Priest reads the Gospel and when he’s finished reading it he raises the book and says “The Word Of The Lord.” Now if that isn’t believing that the Bible is the literal word of God I don’t know what is. Our whole mass is based on the literal Word of the Lord. I just wanted to make sure your readers are made aware of that, and that Tina Dupuy needs to check out all of the facts before submitting something for print.

Thank you for the opportunity for rebuttal.

Marge Chapman