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Child, father die after kayak overturns on Hart Lake in Hubbard County

Letter: DNR official’s statement was misleading

Reading the Feb. 6 article headlined “No silver bullet to solve poisoning threat to wildlife,” I was taken aback by the suggestion, from a Department of Natural Resources official, that venison harvested with traditional ammunition is “poisoned,” a word that stretches the facts and needlessly scares people. If you look at the DNR’s official website, you’d notice it says, “To date, no illnesses have been linked to consumption of lead particles in hunter-harvested venison.” Any fair-minded person will agree that calling something “poisoned” when there is nothing negative that has come from game venison harvested with traditional ammo is very misleading.

DNR officials also suggested that the bald eagle population is being reduced due to lead poisoning when this is simply not the case. In fact, bald eagles in Minnesota are flourishing; we have the third largest breeding population. The DNR doesn’t even keep count of the bald eagle population, and they have been removed from the endangered species list. I love bald eagles, and Minnesota’s many wilderness areas. However, saying lead is a real threat to population levels is inaccurate.

Pat Foley

President, Safari Club International-Minnesota Chapter

Green Isle, Minn.