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Letter: D-Day story should have been prominent

As a veteran, I was very disheartened to discover the “D-Day ceremonies” article relegated to the back page of the Pioneer this morning (June 7). On the front page is the caption, “Gay couples apply for marriage licenses.”

World War II stands as a defining moment in history. Most of us are aware of the Japanese and German genocide perpetrated on those they conquered. Study your history and learn how Nazis treated homosexuals. WWII veterans made possible our freedom to have free choice.

WWII and the passage of the gay marriage law in Minnesota are milestones in our history. However, in deference to the fact that those WWII veterans made that gay marriage headline possible, and the fact that very few veterans remain from the Greatest Generation, I believe that the “D-Day ceremonies” article should have been on the front page.

On a closing note, I have gay friends. They, like the majority of straight couples, live quietly and do not shove their lifestyle in your face. Why does the Pioneer sensationalize a tiny percent of the population?