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Letter: Community should act more politley

My name is Lisa (Swanson) Eggert. I’m a 1984 BHS graduate. My husband is a 1992 Bemidji State University graduate. We both have always loved Bemidji. As things go, though, we had to go where jobs would take us. We moved to Moorhead in 1992 and have lived there ever since. Opportunities to visit have come less and less often, so we were excited when our Moorhead High football team, on which our son is a senior captain, was scheduled to play in Bemidji this year. Here was an opportunity to go back to visit.

As we drove from Moorhead, we chatted about the things we miss about Bemidji. Another of our sons — a high school junior — plans to attend BSU when he graduates, and we have talked about relocating back to Bemidji upon retirement. We anticipated a fun evening of football between our son’s team and my alma mater.

My son tells me the players of the BHS team were respectful players of the game. This is a credit to Bemidji’s coaches and they should be commended. The rest of the community should take a lesson. The appalling level of unsportsmanlike behavior displayed to my family and to others from Moorhead is positively shameful. The examples are nearly endless … the student section chanting taunts at our fans and spewing vulgar comments at our players, townspeople sitting in our visitors’ section to jeer at our fans, youngsters running up to us to tell us “Moorhead sucks,” and elderly folks who made shockingly rude comments which shouldn’t be repeated. These are only a few examples of what we experienced. As I stood with my Moorhead friends at the end of the game I heard countless similar stories. I was embarrassed to admit that this was my hometown.

Having come back with such anticipation, it hurt to realize that this town isn’t what it was. My son will probably still attend BSU, but he will carry himself with the strength of character he learned in his home in Moorhead and in the halls of Moorhead High School. I am infinitely more proud of the town I now claim as my own. The fans of Moorhead High School, while passionate in their support of their teams, do not chant, do not taunt and do nothing to make me ashamed and do so much to make me proud.

Shame on you, Bemidji. You’ve lost one of your own.

Lisa Eggert