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Letter: Bus driver on the ball in a dangerous moment

Last Wednesday, Oct. 23, was a day that will not be forgotten. My two boys, age 7 and 9, were arriving at home via a Bemidji School District bus. The bus pulled to a stop in front of our house, lights flashing, stop sign swinging from the side of the bus signaling cars in both directions to stop. Then it happened. The bus driver sounded the bus horn. Hearing this, my wife walked over to the window, and witnessed my boys stopping in their tracks. A silver car, had ignored the flashing lights and waving stop sign, and nearly caused a tragedy as he barreled through, narrowly missing my sons. They were safe because of training. The Bemidji School District sends out teams of men and women to area schools every year to train the kids on bus safety. The school district trains the drivers. The drivers listen. And kids listen. The boys knew the sounding of the horn by Toby Kvale, the district bus driver on their route that day, meant danger. It meant stop. Now. It happened so fast, no one got the license plate number of the car. I have since found out that across the United States, this happens 80,000 times a day. Here, 5,200 children ride our district buses home every afternoon during the school week. All have made it home safely, and training by the district on bus safety has helped insure this. Mr. Kvale, thank you for not being distracted. Our family will never forget, that you did not forget, the importance of your job. Thank you for a job well done. Vance Corrington and family Bemidji