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Letter: Biodiesel more prone to attract moisture

The letter by Robert Moffit (March 5) regarding gelling of biodiesel neglects to inform people of why there is more potential of bacterial growth in bio compared to conventional diesel fuel. Granted moisture is a problem, but bio is more prone to attract moisture than regular diesel. Also the particulate matter is heavier in bio.

I would suggest that before someone disputes a problem like this they should be forced to deal with the problems first hand. Between the bio and the implementation of DEF diesel exhaust fluid, we are seeing more problems every day. I would like to see what happens when someone tells a trucker that there is nothing wrong with added bio as he or she is gelled up alongside of the road at minus 25 degrees.

Where is the savings? Less power, and the cost sure is not less. Additives for killing bacterial growth and to lower the pour point. The proposed savings are no more at the pump than with our wonderful ethanol-based gasoline.

Northern Minnesota is not the place to be trying to run Crisco oil through engines.We have winter temperatures more than half the year.

Mike Olson