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Child, father die after kayak overturns on Hart Lake in Hubbard County

Letter: Bemidji schools should pay attention to weather

First, I would like to thank all the bus drivers, parents, staff and student drivers who made it safely to school Feb. 9. With that said, I would like to ask the question, why was there school, Feb. 9?

Did the superintendent of Bemidji schools not realize that we were in the middle of a major ice event? Did the superintendent of schools not see this information: "We're pretty much telling people to call first if they've got something scheduled. It makes no sense to go out in this," said Beryl Wernberg, emergency management director for Beltrami County (from

I personally am disgusted by the superintendent's call. What happens next time, Mr. Superintendent, when this happens? What happens when serious accidents occur? Do you understand that you sent inexperienced teenage drivers out on those roads? Professional drivers have hard times on icy roads believe it or not! You, sir, got lucky nobody was seriously hurt.

Amen to God for watching over the community, as you, Mr. Superintendent, were not. Next time take a hint when every other district around us has some sort of delay, closing or early dismissal.

Samuel Revering