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Letter: Bemidji library’s fundraising book sale was a great success

The Bemidji Public Library’s annual book sale was a tremendous success earlier in August. The Library Board raised more than $6,300, which far exceeds any amount raised in previous years. This funding will be used for special projects, support for programs and events and supplementing our budget to buy books and other materials.

The library would like to thank the dozens and dozens of volunteers that work all year long on sorting and packing incoming donations, and to all of the volunteers that work setting up the book sale and staffing the sales table during the event. We want to give a special highlight and thanks to Karen Spargo, who works tirelessly all year long packing the books for the sale, and to Terry Thomas and Jerry Manley, who provided many hours of hard work and leadership during the setup process. And special thanks also to Library Board members Betty Hanson-Lehman and Melissa Pond who worked on the marketing, recruited volunteers and  took on many extra shifts at the sales table.

It is also very important to thank the men and women from Sentence To Service who work throughout the year transporting the hundreds of boxes of books to the storage facility.   Thank you for making the Bemidji Library’s 2013 book sale a great success.