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Letter: Angels abound in the Bemidji community

I have had some wonderful people in my life recently. Sometimes I call them angels. Please let me tell you about them. One day I ran into Walmart to get a few things. I knew I didn’t have my ID but I wasn’t going over $50. It was $17. The clerk asked for my ID. I argued that normally they don’t ask for it this low. She still wanted it. I was preparing to leave the things and someone behind me pulled out her money and paid the bill. I tried to write her a check but she insisted that I pass it on to someone else.

Another day I was selling mittens at the mall and got to talking to a lady about my daughter who makes them and sends the money to Samaritan’s Purse. When she left she gave me a card with money around it and told me to pass that on to my daughter to add to her gift. When I opened it, it was $50. I was so surprised. I realized I had not asked the names of my kind angels.

We went to Tanzania to teach English and while we were gone we had the snow removed from our roof. When we came back the man refused payment. He said that as long as we were serving others, he should serve the servers. Mercy, that was a lot of money.

While I am at it, I would like it to thank all the drivers on Glidden Road and Lakewood Drive who treat me with such tender loving care. I am a runner -- very slow -- but still a runner and they all very carefully move way over. I and my heart, which needs this running, thank you for your kindness.

Sometimes the world is so awful. But our community has lots of angels. I would like to repay my community. If there is anything I could do to make it better, please call me.

Carol Hagstrom