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Let’s pay attention to that toxic liquid weapon called liquor

Today people are talking about gun control, while citizens are hurt of killed by that readily available toxic liquid weapon called liquor, or alcohol. Toxic? Yes, according to Owen S. Parett, M.D., “alcohol is a drug and a poisonous drug at that. The one who drinks a glass of beer is intoxicated as truly as one who is in a state of helplessness ... the brain wobbles long before the legs wobble.”

In an article entitled “Shall we repeal the 18th Amendment” published in 1933 by Alonzo Baker, “The automobile casualty rate for countries that have legal liquor is much higher than Prohibition America. Instead of 32,500 deaths, we would have 182,000. The repeal of Prohibition will prove a boon to emergency hospitals, casket manufacturers ... morticians ... but to us, who own automobiles, it will prove many times more costly and deadly than the shot and shell of Flanders Field.”

During the war, a German seaman displayed unusual keen vision in the dark. He could see a torpedo boat at night. One evening at mess, he drank a glass of beer. Immediately his ability to pierce the darkness with his eyes was gone. He laid it all to the glass of beer. That according to a 1935 article entitled “Alcohol, a food or a poison?” by Emma Transeau.

She also writes of Dr. Beaumont’s discovery of how alcohol, in 1853, “inflames the stomach lining” and of Dr. Sulzer, the heart specialist, saying “The condition of the heart, under alcohol, is the same as occurs with fatigue” and that two teaspoons of alcohol, equivalent to one 10-ounce glass of beer, diminished one’s ability to identify letters correctly as they passed by a lighted area.

My brother died at age 35 in a head-on collision because he had a few beers. A girlfriend was run over by a person in a car who was under the influence. I believe establishments that serve these alcohol beverages are providing the ammo. What do you think?