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Let’s make Bemidji the Gigabit City

Julius Genachowski, Chairman of the FCC, has challenged the country to create at-least one gigabit city in each state by 2015. I am challenging Bemidji to be that city for Minnesota. I am challenging Paul Bunyan Communications, Midcontinent Communications and CenturyLink to provide 1 Gbps up and down in Bemidji.

For centuries a city’s success or failure was determined by its access to waterways, then it became its access rail, then came freeways.

We live in the digital age and today’s bloodline is access to Internetwork Technologies. Internet access and infrastructure will determine which cities grow and which shrink. It will decide who has great schools and who has terrible schools, it will decide who has access to great health care and who does not. Access to Ultra High Speed Internet will decide where major network centers are placed, where web and network hosting centers will be built. Access to these kinds of network resources will decide where and when good-paying jobs are created and who may benefit from them.

So for these reasons, I call on the great people of Bemidji to make Bemidji the Gigabit City of Minnesota.

Chris Asendorf