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Let’s invest in our child care providers

As a home-based child care provider in Beltrami County I support the Child Care Collective Bargaining Act. I also support and am a member of CCPT Local 3400.

Most providers throughout Minnesota have families that are on the CCAP (Child Care Assistance Program). The reimbursement rate from the state decreased 2½ percent in November of 2011.

With a union, providers will be able to negotiate with the state for better reimbursement rates, which will keep costs down for providers and parents. It’s simple – providers can’t work for less and parents can’t pay more.

The cost of child care is a huge burden on many Minnesotan families. Home- based family providers are the most affordable option for them. The average annual cost for center-based care is $6,000 more for an infant and $3,500 more for a 4 year old. However, the number of home-based family providers is shrinking in Minnesota making it harder for families to find affordable options.

Please, providers and parents, urge your legislators to support the Child Care Collective Bargaining Act.

Let’s invest in our children by investing in our child care providers.

Marilyn Geller